R-Skypak Package Units Prices and Installation Cost

R-Skypak self-contained units are heating and air conditioning systems available in electric and gas models. GSHA Services, LTD offers full retrofit and replacement solutions for the old Skymark and Skypak self-contained heating and cooling systems. We install R-Skypak Package Units but also Magic‑Pak, National Comfort Products and many more brand. See below R-Skypak Package Units prices and installation cost.

Explore R-Skypak Self-Contained Heating/Cooling Packaged Unit

All R-Skypak models feature a complete heating, cooling, and air handling system in one self-contained assembly. The unit casing is made entirely of heavy gauge galvanized steel. The cabinet interior is insulated with foil faced fiberglass insulation, firmly attached with nonflammable adhesive, to prevent heat loss or gain to the interior space. All operating components of the mechanical systems are completely enclosed in the insulated cabinet to minimize sound transmission.

Units are designed for freestanding floor mounting, in conjunction with the companion wall sleeve. Airflow orientation is up-flow, top discharge. Units may be ordered in either left hand, or right hand, return air configuration. The return air opening is field selectable for side intake or bottom intake; a pre-scored intakeopening panel requires removal from either the evaporator side panel, or the unit bottom panel. An optional bottom return air plenum is available to allow alternate return air duct layouts. The outdoor wall grille is available in five standard colors, or may be custom color matched.

financing options

Financing Options

*Price is for smallest available size. A heating and cooling load calculation is necessary to determine the correct size of furnace to install in the home.

R-Skypak Self-Contained Cooling Packaged Unit

All models utilize a high efficiency rotary or scroll type compressor. Each refrigeration circuit is thoroughly evacuated, and fully charged with R-410A refrigerant before shipment. Internal compressor-motor overload protection is standard. Compressors are mounted on rubber isolators to minimize vibration transmission. A compressor start assist device is included to ensure reliable compressor operation in the event of low supply voltage.

R-Skypak Self-Contained Heating Direct Vent Gas Furnace

The gas-fired heat exchanger is a tubular aluminized steel design with no-weld construction. The burner section is of the in-shot design, with hot surface ignition. All air for combustion is drawn through the outside wall grille. Flue gases are power vented through the upper wall grille section. Furnace controls include a high limit switch, flame roll out sensor, proved ignition sensor, ventor motor safety switch, and an indoor blower control module. The unit controls are factory wired to a low voltage terminal strip, for connection to a single stage heat/cool thermostat.

R-Skypak Self-Contained Heating Electric Furnace

Electric heating elements consist of resistance-type nickel-chrome wire supported in ceramic holders. The bare wire elements are exposed directly in the air stream resulting in instant heat transfer, lower element temperatures, and long service life. Each heavy-gauge element frame is equipped with an auto reset limit control, and elements are individually removable for service. Relays bring the heating elements on and off, in sequence and equal increments, with a time delay between each element. In addition, relays initiate or stop blower operation, or change blower speed. The unit controls are factory wired to a low-voltage terminal strip, for connection to single stage heat/cool thermostat.

Hot Water Heat

The two-row hot water heating coil is constructed of copper tubes mechanically bonded to aluminum plate fins. The large coil face area ensures maximum heat transfer from the hot water supply.

Indoor and outdoor fans

Forward curved, double inlet and double width, directdrive centrifugal blowers are used for evaporator and condenser air movement. Large diameter wheels are employed to provide required airflow performance at minimum sound levels. Blower wheels are fabricated of galvanized steel. Fan motors are PSC types, with minimum three speeds on the evaporator motor. The PSC motors feature permanently lubricated bearings and internal thermal overload protection.

Our Package Units Brands, The Choice Is Yours

We provide a wide selection of Package Units to meet the needs of different homes and families.

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R-Skypak the best solution for Skymark Skypak replacement

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