XC21​​ Lennox Air Conditioner – Up To 21 SEER, Two Stage

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  • Efficiency ratings of up to 21 SEER – Can save hundreds of dollars a year, compared to a standard air conditioner
  • High-efficiency outdoor coil – Provides exceptional heat transfer and low air resistance for high-efficiency operation
  • Precision-balanced, direct-drive fan – Delivers ultra quiet operation with a patent-pending fan design
  • SilentComfort™ fan grille – Provides vortex suppression to reduce sound of airflow exiting unit
  • Insulated compressor compartment – Minimizes operating sounds with innovative, industry-leading materials and sound-isolating
  • Dependable scroll compressor with Silent Comfort™ technology – Provides smooth, efficient and reliable operation
  • Listed in the GreenSpec® Directory – Leading resource of environmentally responsible products
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XC21​​​​ Lennox Air Conditioner

Discover absolute home comfort with the XC21​​ Lennox Air Conditioner, engineered for quiet and highly efficient operation. Exclusive SilentComfort™ technology works to maintain a more consistent temperature throughout your home, while helping to keep their energy costs under control.

Cooling Savings

Heating and cooling can account for about half of a home’s total utility bill. By upgrading to a high-efficiency system, you can cut your energy costs while keeping your family perfectly comfortable. See how much money could be saving with a XC21​​ Lennox Air Conditioner.

Save per year*
5-year savings 10-year savings 15-year savings
$850 $1,700 $2,550
*based on national average

Home Comfort

An energy-smart decision you’ll appreciate every day
With efficiencies of up to 21.00 SEER, the XC21 can lower your energy bills by hundreds of dollars a year, while still keeping your home cool and quiet.

Balanced comfort
The XC21’s multi-stage scroll compressor allows it to fine-tune your cooling, humidity levels and energy use by matching output to demand.

XC21​​ Lennox Air Conditioner –  Most Efficiencies 2018

Advanced engineering in the XC21​​ Lennox Air Conditioner means enjoying smart, energy-efficient comfort all year long. This product has been designated as one of the Most Efficient ENERGY STAR certified products in 2018. Products that are recognized as the Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR in 2018 prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting rigorous energy efficiency performance levels set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Reliable Peformance

The XC21 is designed for lasting reliability and performance. High-quality materials and innovations like the PermaGuard™ cabinet offer extra protection against rust and corrosion, so your unit runs better and longer.

  • SilentComfort™ Outdoor Fan Motor with Composite Fan Blades – Provides extremely reliable starting and running performance, even under the harshest outdoor conditions.
  • PermaGuard Cabinet – Heavy-guage, galvanized steel construction, louver coil guard, baked on powder finish and durable zinc-coated steel base provide long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion.
  • SmartHinge louver design – Allows quick, easy access to the interior components from all sides for cleaning and maintenance. Protects coil from damage and provides clean appearance.

Peace and Quiet

Quiet Operation – Sound levels—as low as 69 dB. When the XC21 is running, you’ll hardly hear it. Innovative silentComfort™ technology combines thick insulation, vibration resistance and a specially shaped fan blade to greatly reduce sound levels, making it the quietest multi-stage air conditioner you can buy. Even when installed outside a bedroom window, the XC21​​ Lennox Air Conditioner lets you rest peacefully.

Designed to Work With Humiditrol Whole-home Dehumidification System

Humidity levels can drastically affect how the air in your home feels. It can make the air feel up to 8 degrees warmer than the actual temperature. By working with the Humiditrol® whole-home dehumidification system, the XC21​​ Lennox Air Conditioner can preserve your comfort in every way.

Solar Ready, for the Highest Possible Energy Saving

SunSource® Solar-Ready option
Because it’s solar ready, the XC21 can be easily combined with solar roof modules in a SunSource® Home Energy System. This means it can use free energy from the sun to keep your home cool.

Renewable energy resource
Delivers environmental benefits when upgraded to a SunSource® Home Energy System that turns solar energy into electricity for the home.

Enjoy the Comfort of Connectivity

iComfort™-enabled technology allows the air conditioner, when installed with the easy-to-use programmable iComfort Wi-Fi® Touchscreen Thermostat, to exchange information and make adjustments as needed to optimize performance and efficiency.

XC21​​ Lennox Air Conditioner – Energy Star® Qualified

When you choose ENERGY STAR qualified heating and cooling products like XC21​​ Lennox Air Conditioner, you know you’re making a smart choice that can significantly reduce your monthly utility costs.

XC21​​ Lennox Air Conditioner - Energy Star

Lennox offers a wide variety of home heating and cooling products that have earned the ENERGY STAR® label. Each of these products has been designed to deliver year-round energy savings, along with other comfort-enhancing benefits, such as more even temperatures, better humidity control and consistent airflow. If you install a new ENERGY STAR® heating or cooling system, you may qualify for local utility rebates and other energy incentives​.

Chlorine-free R-410a Refrigerant

A friendlier refrigerant refrigerant , which meets the U.S. EPA’s most stringent environmental guidelines. Lennox was one of the first HVAC manufacturers to develop R-410A as an alternative to R-22 (freon). The XC21’s scroll compressor uses the chlorine-free R-410A

Lennox Warranty/XC21​​ Lennox Air Conditioner

Perfect comfort is comfort that brings you peace of mind. That’s why we stand behind our innovative heating, cooling and indoor air quality products with industry-leading warranty coverage. 10-Year Limited Warranty on covered components including compressor.

Home Comfort System

Every Lennox® product has been engineered to deliver best-in-class comfort and efficiency. And when two or more Lennox products are working together as part of a system, the results are truly outstanding.

Your home comfort system is essential to keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It also helps protect you from allergens and pollutants year round. A home comfort system is made up of Air Conditioner and: Furnace, Thermostat and Indoor Air Quality.

Why Choose a XC21​​ Lennox Air Conditioner?

We can tell you all day about how you can trust a Lennox air conditioning system to meet your cooling needs completely. But in the end, what makes us so confident? Lots of things! Lennox holds a long history of excellence—they got their start all the way back in 1895.

Since opening up as a global heating, cooling, and air quality product manufacturer they have focused heavily on superior design and dependable performance, and a constant sense of growth and innovation has been their hallmark all the while. In other words, when you want an HVAC system built with your needs in mind, rather than a cookie-cutter cooling system, then you want Lennox.

If you plan on installing a new Lennox Air Conditioning system, or want to expand your existing system, we’ll be happy to schedule a no-cost in home evaluation with one of our trained comfort advisors. We know you want reliability and good value. That’s why we work with the top name brands in the industry. Let us design an efficient, cost-effective system for you. It’s what we do.

Ready to gain the advantages of a new Lennox system for your Chicag, IL home, or looking for HVAC contractors that can keep your system working at its best? Contact GSHA Services, LTD today!

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