Bradford White Infiniti K Series Tankless (Condensing) Gas Water Heater Indoor Models

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  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified
  • Featuring the SRT™ Scale Reduction Technology
  • STEADISET™ Technology
  • Built-In Digital Control
  • Active Bypass
  • Modulation-Segmented burner with 22:1 turn down ratio
  • Self-Calibrating Fan and Gas Valve
  • External Recirculation Pump Wiring-Installed
  • Venting Flexibility
  • Gas Connection Flexibility – 1/2″, 3/4″, or 1″
  • Top Water Connections
  • Inlet Water Filter-External access for easy maintenance
  • Space Saving Installation
  • Built-In Freeze Protection
  • Easy LP Gas Field Convertibility-Purchase of additional kit NOT required to convert from NG to LP
  • Pressure Relief Valve-Included (Integral port)
  • Built In Flush Valves
  • Flushing Condensate Trap
  • Complies with the Latest Ultra-Low NOx Requirement (10 ng/J NOx limit)
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The high efficiency Bradford White Bradford White Infiniti K Series Tankless (Condensing) Gas Water Heater Indoor Models provides your home with an endless supply of perfectly-hot water. The Infiniti® uses advanced technology to provide excellent efficiency, outstanding performance and reduced maintenance.

The Bradford White Infiniti K Series Tankless Condensing Water Heater Models feature:

  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified – Meet or exceed requirements for ENERGY STAR® per the latest ENERGY STAR® criteria revision, as well as most utility rebate programs.
    SRT™ Scale Reduction Technology – Significantly reduces the incidence of scale build-up known to result in poor performance, additional maintenance, and pre-mature component or product failure.
  • STEADISET™ Technology – Virtually eliminates cold water sandwich without the need for an internal buffer tank and recirculation pump.
  • Self-Calibrating Fan and Gas Valve – Simple combustion management system uses self-calibrating sensors to automatically configure air fuel ratio for flue length, gas type, and altitude – without a combustion analyzer.
  • Modulation – Segmented burner with 22:1 turn down ratio.
  • Top Water Connections – Top water connections for easy retrofit.
  • Built-In Digital Control – Temperature can be adjusted on the front control panel (100-140°F) (38°C-60°C).
  • Active Bypass – Achieves superior temperature stability (±2°F) (±1°C).
  • External Recirculation Pump Wiring – Installed. Built-in controls provides precise operation of external recirculation pump with, or with out, additional mexternal temperature sensor (Recirculation pump sold separately).
  • Venting Length Up To 280 ft. – Direct vent, power vent, and concentric venting terminations approved. PP, PVC, and CPVC approved venting material (refer to I&O manual for details). 2″ (51mm) vent up to 60 ft. (18m) and 3″ (76mm) vent up to 280 ft (85m).
  • Gas Connection Flexibility – 1/2″ (13mm), 3/4″ (19mm), or 1″ (25mm) connections permitted (refer to I&O manual for details).
  • Inlet Water Filter – External access for easy maintenance.
  • Space Saving Installation – Compact size for tight installations.
  • Built In Freeze Protection – Protects unit from freezing. Activates automatically when the water heater is plugged in.
  • Easy LP Gas Field Convertibility – Purchase of additional kit NOT required to convert from NG to LP.
  • Heat Exchanger – Primary Copper with Secondary Stainless Steel (316L) heat exchanger helps maximize life and minimize scale build up.
  • Pressure Relief Valve – Included (Integral port).
  • Built In Flush Valves – For servicing/de-scaling.
  • Flushing condensate trap.
  • Intelligent Cascading Kit (Optional) – Up to 24 units can be connected together with ease. n Complies with the latest Ultra-Low NOx requirement (14 ng/J NOx limit)

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