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Whether you’re heating with electricity, natural gas or even propane, Bradford White got a water heater to meet your needs with a range of mid-efficiency to high-efficiency models. All are built with Bradford White quality to provide long lasting performance. Bradford White highest efficiency models that meet specific government efficiency standards receive a special ENERGY STAR® certification. We install Bradford White water heaters but also Navien, Rinnai, Rheem and many more brand. See below Bradford White Water Heaters prices, and installation costs.

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Bradford White Water Heaters Prices and Installation Cost

If your water heater is around 10 years old and it’s got a major mechanical problem, replacement is usually your best option. Failed heating elements, faulty water heater thermostats, or discolored water all indicate a problem with your water heater. If you’ve got any of these problems on a unit nearing its tenth birthday, it’s probably time for a new one.

How much does a tankless water heater cost? The answer depends on whether you choose an electric or a gas model. There are several factors to consider in choosing one or the other:

  • Upfront cost. You can buy an electric model for $600-$800, while a gas unit will set you back $1,000-$1,500.
  • Installation cost: Installing the device and retrofitting utility hookups costs around $600 to $2,000, depending on local costs and the amount of work required.

Gas models need a safe ventilation system installed while electric units do not, making gas models more expensive to install.

Explore Bradford White Gas Water Heaters

Bradford White most popular residential tank gas water heater lineup – featuring the Defender Safety System® – has proven itself a top pick year after year. Millions of homeowners count on these quality gas water heaters for exceptional performance and reliable hot water.

The Defender series water heaters come in a variety of gallon capacities to meet your family’s hot water demands, and are available in several venting option models for easy installation in your home.

The Defender Safety System® Keeps Your Family Safe

At Bradford White, safety is always our top priority. If flammable vapors are ever present in your home, Bradford White exclusive Defender Safety System® protects your family and your home from fire by preventing any flames from traveling outside the water heater ensuring safe operation. So you can always rest easy knowing your family is protected.

Explore Bradford White Electric Water Heaters

Electricity powers your home, and now it can heat your water more efficiently than ever before. Bradford White builds advanced technology into products like our AeroTherm® Series heat pump water heater and all Bradford White electric water heaters to deliver outstanding performance, efficiency and reliability.

AeroTherm® Heat pump Water Heaters

Bradford White AeroTherm® Series heat pump water heater has the high efficiency, energy savings and performance homeowners will really warm up to. With four easily selectable operation modes (Heat Pump, Hybrid, Electric, Vacation), the AeroTherm® Series gives you greater control over your water heater’s energy consumption.

It’s designed for indoor installation virtually anywhere – basement, garage, utility room, attic – even a closet. Energy Star® certified, the environmentally-friendly AeroTherm® can save the average homeowner up to $300 annually in energy costs and qualifies for many state and local utility rebate programs and even tax credits.

Explore Bradford White Infiniyi® Tankless

The high efficiency Infiniti® K Series Tankless provides your home with an endless supply of perfectly-hot water. The Infiniti® uses advanced technology to provide excellent efficiency, outstanding performance and reduced maintenance.

If you have a family, you’ve probably run out of hot water at one time or another. Every tank water heater only holds so much hot water. When that water is gone, you’ll need to wait for the water heater to heat more water. The Infiniti® tankless water heater works differently. It heats the water as it flows in – so you have an endless supply of perfectly hot water!

The Infiniti® Tankless delivers:

  • Outstanding Performance that gives you a never-ending supply of hot water.
  • Smart Technology such as the SRT™ Scale Reduction Technology (which prevents scale formation which can reduce performance).
  • Exceptional Efficiency to help you save money on your utility bills.

Energy Efficient Water Heaters

When choosing a water heater, there’s a lot more to think about than just hot water. That’s why Bradford White puts a lot of thought into developing innovative products that deliver the performance and reliability homeowners want along with improved efficiency that saves you money by reducing your energy costs. And that’s good for you and the environment.

Our Water Heaters Brands, The Choice Is Yours

We provide a wide selection of water heaters to meet the needs of different homes and families.

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Navien water heaters prices, and installation cost

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Rinnai water heaters prices, and installation cost

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Rheem water heaters prices, and installation cost

Servicing all major makes and models water heaters

We provide top-quality work for both electric and gas water heaters of all sizes. And, with our upfront pricing policy, you can feel comfortable knowing there’s no hidden surprises when it comes to price. We base our rates on the job, not the hours worked, meaning the quote you’re given at the start of your service is the price you’ll pay – period.

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When it Comes to Water Heaters, Installation Quality Matters

Identical water heaters don’t always perform as well. Why? Because the way your water heater is installed makes a huge difference. Some installations are good. Some aren’t. At GSHA Services, LTD, we follow all best practices for installing your water heater – not just code requirements, but every smart precaution and protocol.

From charging the thermal expansion tank to performing combustion safety checks, our water heater installations are comprehensive and designed for excellence. We know you’re making an investment. It’s our job to help you protect it. Schedule installation or request a free quote – fill form or call us at (224) 220-3660.

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