Packaged Units installation in Chicago, IL and surrounding areas

Packaged units offer maximum convenience and efficiency, since they combine heating and air conditioning capabilities into a single unit. Installed on the roof, they are great at heating and cooling large rooms and areas of your commercial business, are specifically designed to save energy with technology like variable speed motors (which will save you money), and they take up less space than split systems. We install National Comfort Product, Magic-Pak, R-Skypak and many more brand. A new Packaged units installation can offer you years of comfort while keeping your energy costs under control.

Lower utility bills

Because package units are an all-in-one HVAC solution, they don’t have to work as hard as multi-unit systems. This creates higher energy-efficiency and lower monthly energy bills. Most of these units also have the Energy Star logo as added proof that you’ll save money. The Energy Star logo promises to lower utility bills by 15 to 25 percent a month.

Package unit maintenance and repairs

Once you have chosen a package unit and it has been installed, the process of having it maintained becomes a necessity. We recommend having a professional visit your home annually to tune up your package unit. If you use it for both heating and cooling, it is recommended that you do this twice a year, once in the fall and once in the early spring. If your system ever starts to show signs of wear, you should also call us for immediate repair service. We offer emergency repairs and are available 24/7 if the problem is urgent. We are also available for scheduled calls if the need arises.

Contact us for packaged units installation

If you are looking for a quiet and efficient way to heat or cool your home, GSHA Services, LTD encourages you to consider a packaged HVAC unit. Packaged units are convenient and efficient, offering many potential benefits over the standard split system for smaller spaces. If you’re interested in learning more about packaged units, call us at (224) 258-0510 or fill the form.