Carrier Ductless Mini Split prices

Ductless systems are becoming an increasingly popular HVAC choice in homes across the U.S. Why? Because not only can they heat and cool any space with precision but, in most cases, they don’t require ductwork, which provides homeowners with increased flexibility. Often called “mini-splits,” ductless systems use the same process for heating and cooling as traditional systems. However, instead of delivering hot or cool air to an entire home(through ducts and vents), each ductless unit blows air directly into a single room. This allows for greater comfort control of individual spaces and improves energy efficiency and sustainability along the way. See below Carrier Ductless Mini Split prices and installation cost.

Carrier Ductless Mini Split ACs and heat Pumps prices, and installation Costs

In general, Carrier ductless mini splits cost between $2,700 to $6,000 including installation. Mini splits with a heat pump cost more than those that only offer air conditioning. Single-zone systems are less expensive than multi-zone systems.

Carrier’s mini split prices fall within the middle to high end:

  • Carrier Infinity – $3,700
  • Carrier Performance – $3,200
  • Carrier Comfort – $2,700

Ductless mini splits are an ideal solution for certain heating and cooling problems. They give you a high level of control over your home temperature while reducing costs.

Explore Carrier Comfort mini splits

Carrier’s Comfort line is its most affordable range of mini splits. These systems heat and cool single zones effectively.

The Comfort line is the only one that includes Carrier ductless AC mini split equipment. Additionally, it features a heat pump and wall unit that can heat and cool.

Explore Performance mini splits

Carrier Performance mini splits provide good value with moderate features. The Performance line offers a range of heat pump and cabinet options. Customers can create a fully customized HVAC system.

This range delivers the most flexibility. You can choose a Carrier ductless heat pump for single- and multi-zone configurations. There are also indoor units with different mounting styles.

Explore Infinity mini splits

The Carrier Infinity mini split line is the company’s high-end range of mini split systems. If you’re looking for the ultimate efficiency and comfort, the Infinity series is a good match.

Infinity is the premium line of Carrier mini splits. They’re ultra-quiet, and they incorporate cutting-edge technology. Infinity mini splits are the most energy-efficient of Carrier’s offerings. They’re also the most expensive.

financing options

Financing Options

Why are so many homeowners going Carrier ductless systems?

Because they use the same process as traditional HVAC to heat and cool your home just without the ductwork. Often called “mini-splits,” these systems work by connecting indoor and outdoor units through flexible refrigerant tubing so they’re simple to install just about anywhere. And because ductless units are placed directly in the room, they offer precise temperature control, better energy efficiency and cost-effective comfort year-round.

Comfort Technology

Carrier ductless systems use inverter technology—which continually adjusts the compressor speed as conditions change—for consistent comfort with lower energy usage. Plus, enjoy year-round comfort with a system that offers dependable performance in temperatures from -22° F to 122° F.


With SEER2 ratings up to 28.5 and HSPF2 ratings up to 18.0, all our Infinity Systems are ENERGY STAR® certified. Take advantage of added energy-saving features like eco mode to cut energy costs up to 60%—without compromising on comfort

Convenient Controls and Features

The Infinity System offers cutting-edge comfort features—like occupancy sensors that can tell where you are in a room and send fresh air your way, and temperature sensing remotes that

Air Quality

Every Carrier ductless unit has built-in reusable, washable air filters to capture airborne pollutants and allergens right in the room. Plus, the Infinity System comes equipped with relative humidity sensors—for customized humidity control in 5% increments.

Discreet Design

Systems integrate seamlessly into your home with nearly silent operation both indoors and out. And with auto-dimming LEDs and intelligent sleep mode cycles, the Infinity System helps create the

Limited Warranty

To the original owner, Carrier Infinity System heat npumps are covered by a 10-year parts limited warranty upon timely registration.

Carrier Ductless Mini Split installation

The flexibility of ductless systems means they can be easily integrated into new architecture without having to accommodate for additional space between walls and ceilings. When converting an existing area that may not be connected to the central HVAC system into a new living nspace (i.e., a basement, attic or garage), ductless is a simple solution for providing comfort year-round. Schedule installation or request a free quote – fill form or call us at (224) 220-3660.

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