Water Heater Replacement and Water Heater Installation

Cold showers? High energy bills? It may be time for a water heater replacement or new water heater installation. But in order to reap the benefits of a new energy-efficient appliance, you’ll need to have it installed properly. That’s why installation is best left to professional plumbers who know the ins and outs of your plumbing system. GSHA Services, LTD is the hot water heater expert, having installed and replaced hundreds of thousands of water heaters during the past two decades.

Our Hot Water Heater Replacement and Water Heater Installation Services

There are going to be times when you need to get a new water heater. Sometimes homeowners need a new water heater because they switched from electric to gas pipes, so they need to install a new gas water heater. Other times they are looking for a more energy-efficient water heater. Older water heaters are not as energy-efficient as newer water heaters, so that is a big reason that homeowners invest in a new water heater. Whether you want a tank electric water heater or a tankless water heater, we can help you pick the best water heater for your home.

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How Much Does Water Heater Installation Cost?

The cost of installation depends on a number of variables, including the type of water heater and your current plumbing configuration. For the most accurate estimate, we recommend filling out anestimate request form. Some of the most popular types of water heater systems are natural gas systems, propane water heaters and electric water heaters. Natural gas systems are known for their affordability ($450-$750). Expect to pay between $400 and $600 for natural gas water heater replacement in Chicago, IL. On average, getting a new natural gas water heater system installation will cost you between $1,450 and $2,250. Propane water heater installation will cost you around $900-$1,600. Though getting an electric water heater installed normally costs between $300 and $550, the original cost can exceed $500 if there are structural complexities. A fully installed water heater can cost up to $4,500.

Servicing All Major Makes and Models

We provide top-quality work for both electric and gas water heaters of all sizes. And, with our upfront pricing policy, you can feel comfortable knowing there’s no hidden surprises when it comes to price. We base our rates on the job, not the hours worked, meaning the quote you’re given at the start of your service is the price you’ll pay – period.

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Tankless Water Heater Replacement and Water Heater Installation

Whether you’re looking to cut down on energy costs or need to find a space-efficient unit, tankless water heaters are great additions to your home. Call now at (224) 220-3660 for your free estimate and to find out which tankless water heater model is best for your household. From a conventional storage tank to tankless units, we can fully explain to you the benefits of all your options. We base our recommendations on our complete assessment of your specific needs, preferences, and budget.