Respicaire OXY 4 Air Purifier – Advanced Active Ionic Oxidation Air Scrubber

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Respicaire OXY 4 Air Purifier creates the frienly oxidizers that attack airborne and surface Virus, Bacteria, Spores, Mold indoors.

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Respicaire OXY 4 is an Advanced Active Ionic Oxidation Air Purifier that uses Ultra Violet light & catalytic reactions to create ionically charged airborne oxidizers. These highly effective oxidative air cleansers freely circulate throughout your home to help reduce and eliminate molds, virus, bacteria, microbes, odors and chemical VOC’s (Volatile organic compounds). This means that airborne microbial including unwanted odors and chemical gases are unable to escape the oxidative cleansing action of the OXY 4. It is particularly helpful for indoor environments that experience higher levels of humidity.

  • Enhanced Purification for Your Indoor Air – Effective against Airborne Microbials, VOC’s, Chemicals
  • Helps with Allergy, Asthma, Respiratory Issues – Kills, Sterilizes, Oxidizes & Cleanses
  • Highest Catalytic Surface Area versus competitive designs – Doubles ionic output for optimum performance
  • Four Unique Processes, Nasa Technology – Unique Advanced ionic air cleansers
  • Dual Catalytic Quartz Lamps – Enhanced coverage & field adjustable
  • “Smart” Light Photo Cell – Confirms lamp operation visually
  • Micro-Processor with LCD Display- Monitors operation & communicates annual service visually and audibly
  • High Temp model option – Ideal for Attic applications or high ambient (up to 220*F)
  • Tandem connections – Interconnection for extra power or larger systems
  • Easy lamp access – Snap in & snap out-quick, convenient replacement

The OXY 4 Air Purifier features the industry’s most advanced compact system with the highest TiO2 Surface Area to enhance the Catalytic reactive process. It unequalled surface area means enhanced air cleansing and excellent performance value. Respicaire proprietary Catalytic Chamber creates multiple active ionic air cleansers as internal UVC wavelengths react with the Titanium Dioxide (Ti02) treated surfaces. This catalytic reaction emits the natural oxidative cleansers to help sanitize & purify your indoor air. It is an outstanding design that optimizes air cleansing technology in a small & serviceable package.

Consumer Benefits

  • Advanced Plasma technology migrates to “scrub & clean” your indoor air & surfaces
  • Respicaire OXY 4 Air Purifier helps purifies your indoor air by oxidizing Mold, Microbials, Odors & VOC’s
  • Particularly effective in high humidity environments where mold is common
  • Produces 4 ionic air cleansers to kill, oxidize, sterilize & neutralize
  • Helps maintain energy efficiency by keeping your heating & cooling system clean
  • Prevents pathogens from multiplying and contaminating your living space
  • Works 24-7, 365 days a year to provide cleaner indoor air
  • UVC Systems create a healthier Indoor Air Environment for You and Your Family

Human Corona Virus Test Results Helps Inactivate Sars-Cov-2 by 99%

The recent pandemic has created awareness and genuine concern regarding the pathogenic nature of the airborne Corona virus. Respicaire is pleased toreport that Respicaire OXY 4 Air Purifier have demonstrated a 99% inactivation efficiency on the Human Corona virus. Technology used in Respicaire products has been shown to inactivate the Corona virus strain known as Sars-Cov-2 by 99% (Covid 19 in humans) in seconds.

Respicaire specializes in Ultra Violet product solutions for the modern challenge of contaminated indoor air. The recent Corona virus outbreak has enhanced the need for effective & efficient air purifiers that can inactivate & disinfect this troubling virus. Now in our 21st year Respicaire products help disinfect and inactivate airborne viruses bacteria, molds, odors and VOC’s.

During this outbreak, Respicaire have been supplying Ultra Violet Germicidal products to commercial, residential, healthcare Retirement homes, businesses and academic institutions. Ultra Violet has a long history as an effective disinfection agent so it is no surprise to have independent 3rd party testing confirm its inactivation & disinfection capability.


Maintenance is convenient. Simply replace your lamp once a year for optimum performance. GSHA Services, LTD will advise you when to replace honeycomb cartridges to refresh your OXY 4 Air Purifier. To learn more or determine which system is best for you contact a GSHA Services, LTD at 224-220-3656 or fill the form. Respicaire offers an Ultra Violet product solution tailored to your equipment needs.

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