Lennox Air Conditioner Prices

At GSHA Services, LTD we provide the highest level of quality in all of our cooling system installation projects, and all jobs are performed. We also keep our prices reasonable and affordable, and we offer a variety cooling systems to suit your needs and budget. We install Lennox air conditioners but also AmanaCarrierTraneGoodmanRheem and many more brand. See bellow Lennox air conditioners prices, and installation costs.

Lennox air conditioners prices, and installation costs

The price for a Lennox air conditioner unit can range from $2,300 to $6,300 in installation costs. Your total cost to install will depend on the size in tons of the air conditioning system needed for your home and the SEER rating wanted. For a 1,600 square foot home you would need a 2.5 ton air conditioner.

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Lennox air conditioner price list

The costs of the Lennox AC units below were calculated for smallest available size of the condensing unit with coil. Like other leading manufacturers, Lennox points out that pricing is as individual as your home. The prices shown below are merely estimates, based on the most common factors found in most homes. A cooling load calculation is necessary to determine the correct size of air conditioner to install in the home.

Merit series Lennox air conditioners prices

Merit Series is the introductory product line that raises the bar for heating and cooling equipment. The more affordable air conditioners in the Lennox line are from the Merit Series, which features single-stage and multi-stage air conditioners for reliable cooling in the summer. Units in this series have a SEER rating between 13 and 16, including two with ENERGY STAR certification.

Elite series Lennox air conditioners prices, and installation costs

True to their name, Elite Series products are a cut above when it comes to making people comfortable in their homes. With impressive features and capabilities, Elite products not only deliver exceptional comfort, but also outstanding energy efficiency. Compared to conventional heating and cooling products, Elite Series can save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs each year.

Dave Lennox Signature collection

Lennox has some of the most energy efficient HVAC products on the market, making it a good choice for those concerned with saving money on their monthly utility bill. Each product is a standout on its own, leading the market in efficiency, quiet operation and comfort.

financing options

Financing Options

*Price is for smallest available size of the Condensing Unit with Coil including all available discounts. A cooling load calculation is necessary to determine the correct size of air conditioner to install in the home.

Lennox air conditioner are some of the most efficient and quietest cooling systems you can buy

Lennox air conditioners are amongst the quietest and most energy efficient units on the market. Delivering perfectly precise comfort control, Lennox air conditioners continually make small adjustments in fan speed and cooling output to hold your temperature exactly where you want it.

Offering industry-leading efficiencies of up to 28.00 SEER, Lennox air conditioners can help you save hundreds of dollars every year in utility costs. And since some of the units are ENERGY STAR certified, they may even qualify you for federal energy tax credits and local utility rebates.

In addition, a number of Lennox air conditioners work with iComfort S30 and iComfort E30 smart thermostats, giving you even more control over your home’s comfort – whether you are at home or away.

Lennox Two-Stage Air Conditioners Technology

Lennox air conditioners like the XC21 make the distinction with two-stage technology, which adjusts operating speed for a more precise temperature throughout your home. See how it’s work:


The Quietest HVAC System

Engineers at the Lennox testing facility share how they make the quietest system on the market by testing variable speed airflow, which allows the system to start up and shut down in almost complete silence. The Ultimate Comfort System™ operates with such low noise levels you may not even be able to tell it’s on.


Lennox Precise Comfort™ Cooling Technology

Lennox’ Precise Comfort™ Cooling technology creates more even temperatures with lower humidity, while also reducing energy costs. This technology, enabled by the icomfort Wi-Fi thermostat, allows your cooling system to maintain your set temperature regardless of outside conditions by making minute adjustments to airflow and cooling. So, unlike conventional cooling systems, your air stays consistently comfortable, to within 0.5 degrees of your set temperature, without any hot and cold swings.


lennox HVAC system

Every Lennox product has been engineered to deliver best-in-class comfort and efficiency. And when two or more Lennox products are working together as part of a system, the results are truly outstanding.

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Lennox Thermostats

Your home comfort system is essential to keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It also helps protect you from allergens and pollutants year round.

Our air conditioners brands, the choice is yours

We provide a wide selection of air conditioners to meet the needs of different homes and families. If you’ve been searching for an air conditioning contractors near me to service your home or business, please take a look at our service offering, which includes repairs and installation of the following and more.

amana air conditioner

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We install all brands and models air conditioners

GSHA Services, LTD is an authorized dealer for multiple leading brands, and can service and repair all brands and model of heating and cooling system, not just one brand only.

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GSHA Services, LTD – Lennox Premier Dealer™

When you turn to GSHA Services, LTD – air conditioner contractor, for your home heating, cooling and indoor air quality needs, you can take comfort in knowing you’ve made the right choice. That’s because as a Dave Lennox Premier Dealer™ we must consistently meet high standards for service and customer satisfaction. To ensure they do that, they are trained to design, install, service and maintain HVAC systems, are dedicated to achieving complete customer satisfaction, and must maintain a 5-star rating among consumers. You can find Lennox Premier Dealer customer reviews and ratings on Dealer Locator pages.

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