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With over 20 years of experience, GSHA Services, LTD provides superior furnace installation, furnace maintenance and furnace repair. We install Amana furnaces but also LennoxCarrier, Trane, Goodman, Napoleon, WeatherMaker, Rheem and many more brand. See below Amana furnaces prices, and installation cost in Chicago, IL and surrounding areas.



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Amana Furnaces Prices and Installation Cost

A common question from homeowners considering the purchase of an Amana brand heating and cooling system is “how much will the installed system cost”. Since an Amana brand heating and cooling system must be sized and installed in your specific home, there is not a MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) for Amana brand heating and cooling products.

The average cost to install an Amana furnace is between $3,200 to $5,800 for smallest available furnace size. Your total furnace unit installations costs will largely depend on the:

  • size needed for your home
  • construction type and age of your home
  • complexity of the installation
  • quality of your existing duct work

and any regulations can all influence how much a new energy efficient fully installed Amana furnace will cost. A heating load calculation is necessary to determine the correct size of furnace to install in the home.

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Explore 80% AFUE amana furnaces prices

Enjoying reliable, energy-efficient warmth in your home when it’s cold outside is but one way an Amana Furnaces can bring comfort to you and your family. The standard-efficiency line has both single-stage and two-stage gas furnaces. While this product line does not save as much energy as the high-efficiency series, these forced air heating gas furnaces still operate at 80% AFUE and provide savings on your energy bill.

Explore 90+% AFUE amana furnaces prices

When you receive an AFUE rating of 90% or more, your gas furnace is performing at the top of its class. Simply put, the Amana 96% AFUE rating means 96¢ of every dollar you spend on energy is actually used to heat your home. That’s very little wasted energy when compared with lowerrated or older, increasingly inefficient heating systems.

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Financing Options

*Price is for smallest available size of the furnace including all available discounts. A heating load calculation is necessary to determine the correct size of furnace to install in the home.

Energy Efficiency

Many high-efficiency choices are available. Furnaces with a higher AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) make more efficient use of heating fuels than lower-rated models. While your initial investment may be higher when purchasing a unit with higher efficiency levels, increased energy savings could make it a better choice. Their ability to lower your monthly energy bills can make them the more cost-effective option, compared to a conventional furnace.

Engineered Longevity

A gas furnace is a piece of equipment from which you expect years of uninterrupted service. Amana brand gas furnaces live up to expectations through intelligently designed components that benefit from decades of performance testing and refinement, like Amana new stainless-steel heat exchanger.

Quiet Comfort

Many homeowners may think the best gas furnaces are not seen or heard. That’s why an Amana brand Furnace are insulated for noise reduction. With a sound-isolated blower assembly and a heavy-gauge steel cabinet, it offers quiet and efficient performance compared to furnaces with single-speed motors.

ComfortBridge HVAC Communicating Technology

ComfortBridge technology is factory installed in select Amana brand heating and cooling systems. It was designed to create an intelligent indoor comfort system capable of customizing energy-efficient performance, reducing thermostat compatibility concerns, and offering flexibility when it comes to thermostat options.

Warranty Protection

Amana offers original owners a substantial warranty agreement. All of the models have a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger and a 10-year warranty on the parts. This warranty length is on par with the best gas furnaces.

Our Furnace Brands, The Choice Is Yours

We provide a wide selection of furnaces to meet the needs of different homes and families.

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We Install All Brands And Models Furnaces

GSHA Services is an authorized dealer for multiple leading brands, and can service and repair all brands and model of heating and cooling system, not just one brand only.

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Amana Quality And Innovation From GSHA Services, LTD in Chicago, IL and surrounding areas

Choosing a reliable installer who knows their stuff is essential to the success and performance of your new Amana furnace. If your equipment isn’t installed correctly, it won’t offer the expected efficiency levels and you’ll likely have issues keeping your home comfortable.

Our highly-skilled HVAC technicians are qualified and available to repair, tune-up and replace Amana furnaces and air conditioning systems. Quality installation will help your new furnace perform at its peak for longer, helping you make the most of your investment. Schedule installation or request a free quote – fill form or call us at (224) 220-3660.

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