Ductless systems installation in Chicago, IL and surrounding areas

Looking to replace your current ductless mini split systems? Or need an energy-efficient way to cool a single room? Our GSHA Services, LTD techs will help you find the right ductless A/C system for your home, giving you the same 5-star service we’ve been giving customers for over 20 years.

If you are looking for a heating and cooling system that will provide even cooling throughout your home, yet does not require the installation of new ductwork, then a ductless mini-split system is a great choice. These systems deliver conditioned air directly into your individual rooms, allowing you to target the areas where you need heating and cooling the most. At GSHA Services, LTD, we are experts in ductless mini-split installation. Schedule your installation appointment today!.

Ductless mini split systems repair

When your ductless mini-split isn’t running efficiently or reliably call your local heating and cooling repair experts at Chicago IL. – GSHA Services, LTD. Our team of ductless mini-split specialists can take care of any repair your system needs.

Preventative maintenance for ductless mini split systems

GSHA Services, LTD provides preventative maintenance for ductless mini-splits. Pre-season service is crucial to keep your system running year after year. Our heating and cooling preventative maintenance visits include a ductless mini-split system inspection and safety check, discount on repairs, and no overtime charges.

How much does ductless system installation cost?

Ductless Air Conditioner installation costs vary based on:

  • Number of indoor units. Your cost will increase with the number of indoor units. While central AC uses just one indoor unit, ductless systems can have up to 8 indoor units connected to 1 outdoor unit. The number of indoor units you need depends on how many rooms/areas you want cooled.
  • Energy efficiency (SEER rating). Systems with higher energy efficiency will cost more. Ductless A/C efficiency is measured by SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). The higher the SEER rating (ranging from 14 to 33+), the more efficient the ductless mini split.
  • Cooling capacity. The “bigger” the system, the more it will cost. Ductless mini splits are sized based on their cooling capacity, which is measured by the number of BTUs (British Thermal Units) it outputs. Residential ductless systems range from 6,000–54,000 BTUs. Our tech during free no-obligate estimate will be able to tell you which size system you need.
  • Whether you’re replacing an existing unit. You’ll pay more to install a ductless mini split system for the first time than you will to replace an existing one. That’s because when you initially install a ductless system, the tech will have to determine the most efficient route for the refrigerant lines and cut into your walls/ceilings to install the indoor and outdoor units—increasing time and labor. If you’re replacing an existing ductless system, that time-intensive work is already done.

Why choose GSHA Services, LTD for ductless systems installation in Chicago, IL and surrounding areas?

When it comes to installing ductless mini-split systems, you have a number of companies you can choose in the Chicagoland area. Why should you choose GSHA Services, LTD? At GSHA Services, LTD, we install quality products backed by quality service from a team of certified professionals who take pride in what they do. From comfort to low prices, we guarantee that you will be satisfied and we will exceed your expectations every time you call us.

When you need professional HVAC services in Chicago and surrounding area, including ductless mini-split systems installation, you can trust GSHA to do the job right. Call us today at (224) 258-0510 to schedule your installation or get your questions answered!