Pennco Boilers Prices and Installation Cost in Chicago, IL and Surrounding Areas

Pennco boilers, designed for residential and commercial buildings, has earned a reputation for exceptional value, performance and dependability! Built with high quality components and standards, Pennco gas boilers are manufactured by Pennco dedicated workforce in the U.S.A. to ensure that our customers get the very best in home heating comfort. We install Pennco Boilers but also Lennox, Weil-McLain, Peerless and many more brand. See below Pennco Boilers prices and installation cost in Chicago, IL and surrounding areas.

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An integral part of the ECR product family is our gas boilers for residential and commercial buildings. High efficiencies, easy maintenance and installation features, along with limited lifetime warranties make Pennco gas boilers the preferred choice of contractors and homeowners alike. Pennco line of products are designed, tested and assembled to ensure that customers get the very best in home heating comfort and value.

*Price is for smallest available size of the boiler including all available discounts. A heating load calculation is necessary to determine the correct size of unit to install in the home.



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Pennco Boilers Series II features a dependable cast iron heat exchanger with cast iron push nipples. The sections and push nipples expand at the same rate when heated. By using similar materials instead of less expensive gaskets or steel push nipples, the boiler maintains a water tight seal. The 15B Series provides an annual fuel utilization efficiency of up to 82% as certified by the US Department of Energy.

Pennco Boilers Prices & Installation Cost

Even a standard gas boiler can represent an efficient option for heating the house and providing hot water. The average cost of heating a home using gas comes in at around the $600 mark, which is considerably lower than alternative fuels like oil, wood and electricity. The cost of installing a new boiler might also depend how much work we have to get on with. The extent of the work involved will subsequently depend on the type of boiler you are purchasing and the older model you are replacing.

A new boiler cost, including installation, averages $4,600. A standard efficiency model (80%-89% AFUE) runs an average of $2,900 to $6,900. High efficiency models (90%+ AFUE) cost $6,500 to $10,000.

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We provide a wide selection of boilers to meet the needs of different homes and families.

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