Amana Air Conditioners Prices, and Installation Costs

When the air conditioning goes out in the middle of summer, it gets muggy, hot and sticky quickly. Investing in a new Amana air conditioning unit from GSHA Services, LTD we will help avoid any uncomfortable summer due to a malfunctioning old AC unit. We keep our Amana air conditioners prices reasonable and affordable.

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Same Day Air Conditioners Installation in Chicago and Surrounding Area

As an expert repair and maintenance HVAC contractor for Amana HVAC systems, GSHA Services, LTD in Chicagoland has earned a parallel reputation for dependable service and customer satisfaction. At GSHA, we are committed to Amana’s legacy of providing homeowners with heating and cooling products that are built to last. We install Amana air conditioners but also Lennox, Carrier, Trane, Goodman, Rheem and many more brand.

If you plan on installing a new Amana cooling system, or want to expand your existing system, we’ll be happy to schedule a no-cost in home evaluation with one of our trained comfort advisors. We know you want reliability and good value. That’s why we work with the top name brands in the industry, Amana equipment. Let us design an efficient, cost-effective system for you. It’s what we do.

Top Features of Amana Air Conditioners:

  • Amana has acoustically engineered their systems with compressor sound reduction covers made of high-density foam and a specially tailored sound control top
  • Air conditioners is its compatibility with ComfortNet and ComfortAlert communication systems
  • Amana is known for their longest lasting air conditioning units and has been crafting high quality products for Americans since 1934

Explore Amana Air Conditioners Prices

We are confident you’ll find the air conditioner which best suits your individual needs. Each of these models feature an Amana energy efficient compressor, a heavy-gauge galvanized steel cabinet to protect the coils from damage, and the innovative sound control to design exclusive to Amana-brand air conditioners.

Contact GSHA Services, LTD at 224-220-3656 for all your air conditioning concerns or questions.

*Price is for smallest available size of the Condensing Unit with Coil including all available discounts. A cooling load calculation is necessary to determine the correct size of air conditioner to install in the home.

Energy Efficiency

When properly sized and installed, your Amana brand Air Conditioner offers above average energy-efficiency performance. “SEER” stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, a measure used by the U.S. Department of Energy to rate the cooling efficiency of air conditioners and heat pumps. The higher the SEER, the greater the efficiency and the lower the operating cost. Choosing a high SEER rating can ensure that you are operating your Air Conditioner at the optimal level to save you money.

Amana Air Conditioners Start with a High-Efficiency Copeland Scroll Compressor

This component uses the latest compression technology and features overload protection. The efficient design of the compressor is complemented by the Amana durable, highly-efficient condensing coil which is made of corrugated aluminum fins and refrigeration-grade copper tubing. All these parts wrapped in an acoustically engineered system and compressor sound reduction cover made of high-density foam make for a quiet unit.

Soundless Cooling Comfort

If you choose Amana air conditioner than you are assured that this air conditioner will provide you quiet cooling comfort. In order to reduce the sounds, Amana acoustically engineered its air conditioner system with advancement that include a protection cover on the compressor to reduce the sound of the unit. This cover is made from high density foam and specially sculptured sound control top. Furthermore the two speed condenser fan motor help to lower the sound overall by keeping the outdoor fan more often at a lower speed.

ComfortBridge Technology Compatible

When your new air conditioner is paired with an Amana® brand gas furnace with ComfortBridge technology, performance data from the spilt system is gathered and used to make automatic adjustments that may help reduce the amount of energy used to cool your home.

Always in pursuit of innovative ideas, Amana engineers have designed ComfortBridge technology to help your entire HVAC system cost-effectively operate at peak performance — providing consistent energy-efficient home comfort. ComfortBridge technology works with any single-stage thermostat to help create customized indoor comfort specifically for you and your family.

Product Limited Warranty

The compressor in your new air conditioning system is covered by a Lifetime Unit Replacement Limited Warranty on selected gas furnace, air conditioner and heat pump models, good for as long as the purchaser owns his/her home. If the compressor or heat exchanger fails in use at the original registered homeowner’s residence, a new furnace or condenser will be provided at no charge. All remaining functional parts are covered by a 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty. For a full description of all warranties applicable to selected product, please contact us at 224-220-3656.

Our Air Conditioners Brands, The Choice Is Yours

We provide a wide selection of air conditioners to meet the needs of different homes and families.

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Amana Central & Split AC System Installation and Complete Service by Experts in Chicagoland

Amana AIr Conditioner Sales & Installation

We have been a dependable sales and installation provider of Amana AC systems for 20 years. In fact, every Air Conditioning system that is sold by our company is professionally installed by our certified HVAC technicians, who received a thorough training on all Amana products. We offer amazing deals on Amana products and receive direct from the factory incentives – ensuring that all of our customers are getting the best possible value on a replacement AC unit. We install Amana air conditioners but also Lennox, Carrier, Trane, Goodman, Rheem and many more brand. Check Amana air conditioners prices, and installation costs, but also Lennox Air Conditioners prices and Carrier Air Conditioners prices.

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Choosing the right Amana air conditioner is important for your comfort. GSHA Services, LTD will perform the appropriate load calculations so we can make sure you purchase a unit that is perfect for your home. We are also skilled in installing Amana air conditioners and assure you that your new air conditioner will be installed right and function properly. Don’t risk breakdowns and poor performance due to faulty installation; choose an installation technician with experience working with Amana air conditioners.

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