Carrier furnaces prices and installation cost in Chicago, IL and surrounding areas

Have an emergency need? We are able to do same day installation. If you need furnace installation look no further than GSHA Services, LTD. We can expertly install your new Carrier furnace so it provides reliable, efficient heat in your home. If you need to purchase a new furnace, we can help you too! You can get all your needs taken care of by one reliable company, from selection Carrier furnaces to installation. See below Carrier furnaces prices and installation cost in Chicago, IL and surrounding areas.

Carrier Comfort Series furnaces

If efficiency is a hot button for you but budget is your primary concern, consider our Comfort 90+% AFUE gas furnaces. These high-efficiency furnaces excel at generating warmth throughout your home—while generating low energy bills though those long winter months.

Carrier Performance Series furnaces

Quiet and efficient, Performance series gas furnaces can be easily installed in a number of applications and spaces. Some Performance models have the ability to operate in “low mode” up to 90 percent of the time, resulting in serious energy savings while your home stays thoroughly comfortable. Carrier Performance 96 are ENERGY STAR® qualified.

Carrier Infinity Series furnaces

With variable-speed blower technology and a two-stage gas valve, Infinity Series gas furnaces operate very quietly and boast high efficiency. They feature Carrier’s exclusive Comfort Fan™ technology, gives you increased control over your home’s comfort levels and energy use. A variety of other advanced features put Carrier’s Infinity level furnaces at the very top of the range.

Infinity Series gas furnace with greenspeed® intelligence

Looking for top-of-the-line comfort, performance and efficiency? As its name suggests, the Infinity series takes them further than they’ve ever been. But if the top has a top, its name includes Greenspeed® Intelligence. Carrier gas furnaces with Greenspeed Intelligence monitor temperature and humidity, inside and out, then automatically vary furnace operation as needed to provide an ideal combination of comfort and energy efficiency. With Greenspeed Intelligence and variable-speed components, you can avoid wasting money for heating capacity you don’t need.

*Price is for smallest available size of the furnace including all available discounts. A heating load calculation is necessary to determine the correct size of furnace to install in the home.

Carrier furnaces prices and installation cost

When you’re shopping for a new furnace, one of the most frequent questions that comes up is the price. As you can imagine, there are many variables that affect the pricing of a new gas furnace installation. For example, the sizing of the furnace (BTUs and blower motor sizing) will have an impact on the cost. Additionally, the manufacturer of the unit also plays a role in the pricing.

Installed Carrier gas furnaces typically range in pricing from $3,600 to $7,900 for a typical home. Although most people wait to install a new furnace until it is absolutely necessary, installing a new furnace in your home is a great way to increase your HVAC system’s power and efficiency while reducing your heating costs. A well-maintained furnace should last around 15-20 years.The pricing will vary based on the.The pricing will vary based on the:

  • sizing of the home
  • number of zones utilized
  • pricing may also increase in a house that requires ductwork additions or changes

Of course, to get an accurate price estimate, we would need to come to your home to perform an in-home estimate. All of our estimates are 100% free. A heating load calculation is necessary to determine the correct size of furnace to install in the home.

We install any furnace brand or model

We provide a wide selection of furnaces to meet the needs of different homes and families. GSHA Services, LTD is an authorized dealer for multiple leading brands, and can service and repair all brands and model of heating and cooling system, not just one brand only.

Our high efficiency Carrier furnaces

A new Carrier’s precision-engineered gas furnaces provide year-round energy efficiency with their high AFUE ratings and energy efficient blower motors. The smooth comfort of gas heat with the most advanced technology. For the optimal combination of gas heating and impressive energy efficiency, choose Carrier precision-engineered gas furnaces, from the innovative Infinity with precision temperature control to the solid Comfort.

The higher the AFUE rating, the more energy efficient—meaning you’ll save more money. We provide a selection of Carrier furnaces from all 3 lines: Infinity, Performance, and Comfort.

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At GSHA Services, we’re dedicated to ensuring that you get the number one best solutions, products, and services possible to meet your comfort needs. Part of doing exactly that is by way of our top-class HVAC specialists. And that’s why, we offer top of the line Carrier gas furnaces for your home! Carrier gas furnaces and other Carrier heating systems offer energy efficient heat, and constant air circulation all year long.

If you plan on installing a new Carrier heating system, or want to expand your existing system, we’ll be happy to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation in home estimate with one of our trained comfort advisors. We know you want reliability and good value. That’s why we work with the top name brands in the industry. Let us design an efficient, cost-effective system for you. It’s what we do. Schedule installation or request a free quote – fill form or call us at (224) 258-0510.