Privacy Policy

GSHA Services, LTD privacy policy is designed to guarantee our clients’ safety when carrying out transactions online. When you visit us or make any purchase, we collect contact information such as your name, email address or phone number among other relevant information. We will also collect any financial information required to make the transactions smooth. Though this is the case, you do not have to worry about the information getting into the wrong hands. This is for the simple reason, utmost care and discretion is used by our staff to safeguard your interests. None of this vital information is relegated to a third party.

Our privacy policy allows us to collect other additional information such as your social security number, date of birth or address. We then use this information to confirm your identity and ensure that we provide a safe environment for all our clients. This is especially true because we have provisions that allow clients to have personal accounts with us as well as the shipping services we offer. Other instances we might use this information include carrying out a survey on people who visit our site and the sales we make. Additionally, we might collect private information when we need contacts for our customer support team or when you respond to surveys on the GSHA site.

We have made the commitment to protect our clients’ data regardless of where it is stored. What is more, depending on your locality, we also provide additional measures that further increase your protection from all security eventualities. If in any event we change our private policy, then you can rest assured that an alert will be sent out so you can learn more about the changes and see if they affect you in any way. To cap it all, under no circumstances do we reveal any of your private information to third parties.