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The Comfort Pack Gas Condensing Furnace is a completely self-contained, pre-charged, heating and cooling system for each individual living unit in your multifamily complex. Since this product is completely self-contained there is no necessary brazing, charging or leak checking. This process has already been done for you at the factory. Every unit runs through an extensive quality control process where each unit is precisely charged, leak checked and ran in both cooling and heating to assure you that the product is ready for immediate installation.

The Comfort Pack eliminates the need of an outside condensing unit, external refrigerant lines, separate cooling coils as well as additional drain pans, making our Comfort Pack the optimal solution for multi-family construction.


  • Adjustable 5 Speed DC Indoor Motor
  • Self-Contained Heating and Cooling Unit
  • Precharged and Prewired
  • Ships with standard Pre-Painted Stamped Exterior Grille (Pictured to left
  • 16″ x 25″ Filter Included

Cooling System

  • Slide-Out Universal Cooling Chassis provided with polarized molex plug connections
  • Easy Access Coremax Service Ports
  • R-410A High Efficiency Compressor
  • 1, 1.5, and 2 Ton Cooling Capacities
  • TXV installed in all models for optimum performance
  • Standard Secondary Drain Connection


  • Up to 95% Gas Efficiency
  • Slide Out Furnace with 409 Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
  • Up to 47,500 BTUH Heating Capacity Output
  • Diagnostic LEDs and flame visible through sight glass on Furnace Door
  • Sealed Combustion Chamber
  • Built In Freeze Protection

Contact us to learn how Comfort Pack Condensing Gas Furnace can save you time, money and give your project an overall better appearance than Mini Split systems as well as providing better comfort than traditional PTAC systems.

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