SecureAire Air Purification System

*Fully Installed from:

  • Provides Particle Control Technology.
  • Provides MERV 15 Filtration Efficiency at low static pressures.
  • Provides Airborne Pathogen inactivation thru our INACTIVATE Technology.
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SecureAire Air Purification System is extremely efficient and effective at providing the highest quality indoor air possible. The System reduces organism’s ability to grow and provides the necessary voltage strength to oxidize and kill airborne pathogens. It is proven to effectively reduce airborne contamination levels including particles, TVOC’s, smoke, odors, CO, CO2 and dissolved gases.


  • Proven to effectively reduce airborne contamination levels including particles, TVOC’s, smoke, odors, CO, CO2 and dissolved gases.
  • Proven to reduce Fan Energy and Brake Horse Power in Air Handling Units.
  • Airborne Pathogens are prevented from replication and growth inside of an Air Handling Unit.

The SecureAire Air Purification System Difference
Typical air purification systems work by moving air through a standard filter, sifting out particulates and trapping them in the filter. But that assumes that all particles can be moved by air currents. Surprisingly, many particles, like viruses, mold, pollen, and harmful VOCs, are so small that they are virtually weightless and completely unaffected by air currents. They remain suspended in the air much like fruit suspended in gelatin. The only way to remove all particles, even down to molecular sizes, is with SecureAire’s ACTIVE Particle Control Technology.

ACTIVE Particle Control Captures and Kills
With SecureAire’s ACTIVE Particle Control Technology, small particles are combined with other particles to create larger “clumps” that are then actively transported to the filter. And unlike conventional filters that can allow potentially harmful organisms to continue to breed inside your home, the SecureAire System INACTIVATES (kills) any pathogens. SecureAire’s process efficiently and effectively provides you with the highest quality air purification for a Safe, Healthy, and Clean indoor air environment.

How Does It Work?
To begin, there is no electrical “zapping” of particles (that’s why there is no ozone). SecureAire’s technology begins at the inlet of the device, “conditioning” all airborne particles, down to molecules of gases, to move at incredible velocities, causing them to collide with each other and form larger, heavier clumps of particles. When they are large and heavy enough they will be captured in the filter. Most of them get stopped right here.

Some particles, the smallest ones, get past the filter, and this is what we want! These smallest particles are actually pulled through the filter and again “conditioned” so that they go out into the living space all primed to attract other particles and, now, to absorb VOC’s, just like a sponge. Once again, when the clumped particles become large and heavy enough, they will be caught up in the airstream, brought back to the filter, and captured.

Those pathogens that are part of this process, once captured, are forever “inactivated” or killed, unable to reproduce or cause any further health risk.