Mitsubishi PH Series High Efficiency Heat Pumps – Up to 33.1 SEER

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Slim, wall-mounted indoor units provide zone comfort control. INVERTER-driven compressors and electronic LEVs provide higher efficiency with controlled power usage.

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Available as single-zone or multi-zone units, Mitsubishi PH Series High Efficiency Heat Pumps include high-end features enabled by the 3D i-see Sensor® such as occupancy detection, direct mode and indirect mode. Whisper-quiet operation as low as 20 decibels eliminates unnecessary noise while air filters eliminate unwanted smells, particulates and allergens.


  • Available capacities in kBtu/h: 06, 09, 12, 15, 18
  • 100% heating at -5° F
  • Industry-leading efficiency of 33.1 SEER (NTXWPH06B)
  • Hyper-heating performance down to -13° F outdoor ambient
  • Double-vane air delivery for enhanced circulation
  • 3D i-see Sensor™
  • Infrared human sensing technologies to measure location of human heat signatures
  • Multi-function wireless controller


The less sophisticated, conventional air conditioning and heating systems run at full power until it reaches a set temperature and then stops, only to turn on again — usually 3 to 5 times per hour — as the temperature becomes uncomfortable. Each time a conventional, non-inverter driven system turns on, it may use more energy than it does while running.

The INVERTER, at the heart of our system, eliminates the wasteful start and stop cycle. Just as your heart always beats, but automatically beats faster when you exercise, the system is always active with the INVERTER enabling it to automatically adjust conditioning when its temperature sensors detect even subtle changes. You don’t have to think about it and the system is so quiet you won’t hear it either. Rooms are cooled and heated faster and more efficiently. The INVERTER regulates energy consumption so that the system only uses the precise amount of energy needed to keep each room at the temperature you choose. This is greener and more sustainable than running at full power like conventional systems and can reduce energy consumption by up to 40 percent.

Available with Mitsubishi PH Series High Efficiency Heat Pumps, the 3D i-see Sensor increases the sensitivity of the system to your comfort needs and gives you opportunities to further customize comfort in your home or business. The sensor scans each room to produce a complete thermal profile that includes heat signatures based upon size, temperature and movement. With this capability, the 3D i-see Sensor can detect and eliminate cold or hot spots and can determine whether a room is occupied. Here are some of the ways your indoor units can automatically adjust conditioning.

Installs quickly and easily, without the need for major construction and remodeling.

Realizes maximum control and energy efficiency by cooling and heating only those spaces in use. Wall-mounted units are the most versatile and popular style of indoor units. Slim, stylish and equipped with filters to continuously clean indoor air, these units sit high on the wall and are ideal for conditioning smaller areas such as individual rooms in a home, office or store. This indoor unit option does not require ductwork.

Complete comfort control of temperature, fan speed, and air direction in each room or zone via kumo cloud® or other smart home devices.

Our indoor units don’t just keep each room in your home at the perfect temperature; they continuously clean the air of allergens, dust, viruses and bacteria. Each room’s indoor unit is equipped with filters to directly improve your air quality while the conventional system has only one filter installed in the central unit. The filters are washable and last up to 10 years, which saves you money on maintenance. Filters available for our indoor units include:

  • Nano Platinum Filter – This filter incorporates nanometer-sized platinum-ceramic particles that kill bacteria and deodorize air.
  • Deodorizing Filter – These platinum deodorizing filters use nanotechnology to absorb odors and neutralize the worst smells.
  • Anti-Allergy Enzyme Filter – This electrostatic, anti-allergy enzyme filter uses an enzyme catalyst to break down allergen proteins and transform them into non-allergen proteins. That means lose the sneezing, but keep the cat

With higher SEER.




Up to 33.1 SEER