Infinity 80 Carrier 58TN Gas Furnace – ​​​80% AFUE, Two Stages, Variable-speed

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Carrier Infinity 80 Carrier 58TN furnace will keep you warm and cozy all winter long. Carrier Infinity Series furnace is equipped with:

  • Energy Savings – 80% AFUE for moderate energy savings
  • Sound Performance – Extremely quiet operation with a fully insulated cabinet to help minimize noise levels
  • Warranty – 10-year parts limited warranty upon timely registration and lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty upon timely registration
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Innovation, efficiency, quality: Infinity 80 Carrier 58TN gas furnaces offer intelligent electronics and multi-stage capabilities that take indoor comfort and energy-saving performance to new levels. Throughout Infinity line, never lose sight of the Carrier quality, environmental stewardship and lasting durability that have endured for more than a century.

Innovation – Infinity 80 furnaces include our Comfort Heat Technology® feature that accurately predicts the need for heating based on previous furnace cycles to effectively reduce temperature swings.

Efficiency – AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) ratings are like your car’s MPG – the higher the number, the greater the potential for savings. Carrier Infinity 80 gas furnaces deliver 80.0% AFUE heating.

Durability – PowerHeat™ hot surface ignition is one of the most robust and durable ignition systems available. It eliminates the need for a pilot light, reducing gas usage and promoting more consistent operation.

Humidity Management – As a part of your home’s cooling system, an Infinity 80 gas furnace with SmartEvap™ technology can be the key to enhanced comfort through precision humidity management. Include an Infinity system control, humidifier and an Infinity outdoor unit and let Ideal Humidity System™ technology deliver improved comfort, all year long.

Hybrid Heat® System – Combining an Infinity 80 gas furnace, an Infinity heat pump and an Infinity system control, our Hybrid Heat system automatically switches between electric and gas heating to optimize the efficiency of each fuel source.

Sound – Carrier variable-speed constant airflow blower distributes heated or cooled air at the lowest possible setting for the majority of the comfort cycle. Add Carrier sealed combustion system and fully insulated cabinet, and you’ll enjoy warm, winter heating that’s quieter than a conversation.

Limited Warranty – To the original owner, our Infinity 80 gas furnaces are covered by a 10-year parts and lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty upon timely registration. The parts limited warranty period is five years if not registered within 90 days of installation except in jurisdictions where warranty benefits cannot be conditioned upon registration.

If you could look under the hood of an Infinity 80 Carrier 58TN, you’d see what drives the performance: a serious commitment to quality. Heating capacity is managed with a two-stage gas valve that can operate on low- or high-stage heat for quiet, consistent comfort. When paired with an Infinity system control, our variable-speed blower provides just the right amount of airflow, running more consistently on the lowest speed possible for more even temperatures, reduced hot and cold spots, and enhanced humidity control as a part of your cooling system.

Infinity intelligence monitors conditions, comfort settings and previous furnace cycles and makes smart decisions on your behalf. You’ll enjoy the results with warm, cozy winters and quiet operation. Additional comfort enhancing functions include ComfortFan™ technology, which allows you to select furnace fan speeds from the Infinity system control.

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