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Commercial Air Conditioning

GSHA Services, LTD is the best commercial air conditioning company in Chicago, IL. We fulfill the requirements of a large number of corporate, Commercial Air Conditioning in Chicago and Residential customers. We aim to offer the very highest standard of after-sales services including warranty, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting. Our licensed and EPA certified technicians are trained to provide you expert Commercial Cooling System in Chicago, IL and surrounding area.

Commercial Air Conditioning
Commercial Air Conditioning Services, Commercial Air Conditioner Installation, Commercial A/C Repairs and Maintenance Services

Professional Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Maintaining the best environment for your employees and your business’ economy may mean installing a commercial air conditioning system. There are many variations and a professional AC company, like GSHA Services, LTD, should be consulted before fitting. Some of the most basic features you should consider: type, size and maintenance.

Just as you wouldn’t take your new car to an untested or unprofessional mechanic, you can’t rely on just anybody to install your commercial air conditioner correctly. After all, air conditioning units for commercial buildings aren’t just about plugging something into the wall. Your new equipment reflects the latest energy-saving technologies in HVAC, a group of products that must be carefully calibrated and coordinated to work seamlessly with new or existing ducts, thermostats, and other fine-tuned machinery.

Commercial Air Conditioner Repair Chicago, IL

An air conditioner never gives out at a time that’s convenient for you. It’s likely to breakdown midweek, in the middle of the workday on the hottest day of the summer. No one wants their employees or tenants to suffer through unbearable heat. When you need commercial air conditioner repairs, you never have to worry when you choose GSHA Services, LTD as your commercial air conditioning company. Our repair team provides unparalleled commercial air conditioning services and offers:

  • 24-hour coverage, even on weekends and holidays
  • Fully stocked service vehicles so most repairs can be completed on the initial visit
  • Quality replacement parts
  • Certified technicians qualified to repair all brands of cooling equipment
  • Cutting-edge diagnostic equipment

Contact us at 224-220-3656, if you need your Commercial Air Conditioner repaired from a local commercial AC company in the Chicago, IL and surrounding area area!

Commercial HVAC Cooling System Maintenance

When your commercial HVAC system is professionally inspected and maintained you reduce the probability of an emergency breakdown while increasing the efficiency of your units. At GSHA Services, LTD, we understand the importance of your heating & cooling to your company’s performance. With our Commercial Planned Maintenance Agreements, you receive all the service, maintenance, and upgrades you need to keep your systems operating at peak performance.

Benefits of Our Commercial Planned Maintenance Agreement

  • Quarterly System Safety Checks
  • 10% Discounts on Parts
  • Minimum 21 Point Inspections
  • Early Detection of Faulty Parts
  • Special Offers Throughout The Year
  • Monthly Payment Options
  • Copy of Completed Inspection Checklist
  • And More

Commercial Air Conditioningin Repair, Replacement and Maintenance

Looking for a new unit? Important considerations are the type of air conditioners your business needs, how many units to purchase, and their ideal location on your property. Our professionals at GSHA Services, LTD can walk you through the process. Contact us today by calling 224-220-3656 or fill the form.